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Mayor of London’s Strategy for Social Integration

All of us: The Mayor’s strategy for social integration Social integration is about how we all live together. It is the extent to which people positively interact and connect with others from different backgrounds. It is shaped by the level of equality between people, the nature of our relationships, and our levels of community participation…. Read more

Remember those brave imams who condemn Daesh

As Daesh sees the territory it illegally seized taken back, we should pause to salute those imams around the world who have risked their own personal safety to condemn these terrorist thugs. It’s often forgotten that Daesh has issued death threats against imams by name in the United States and Europe because they have condemned… Read more

Doomed Isis seeks to make its mark on history another way

Doomed Isis seeks to make its mark on history another way – by taking sledgehammers to ancient ruins outside of Mosul Secretly it also loots whatever it can sell from the ancient town of Nimrud on the global antiquities black market to make fast cash Iraqi forces retook the ancient town of Nimrud in recent… Read more

Faith leaders visit to France

This weekend, people of all faiths stand in silence to mark the sacrifice of those who died fighting for this country. There is a greater recognition than ever of the role played by people of different faiths, including Islam in the World Wars of the last century. But in the last few days another important… Read more

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