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Improving Security & Safety

Strengthening Faith Institution convened a community briefing with the Metropolitan Police, The Salam Forum and Faith Associates on 21st November 2016, around improving security and safety for places of worship. The event began with a workshop on Police Security Briefing, the metropolitan police gave a detailed briefing on the current level of threat, reporting, and… Read more

How an Interfaith Gathering Triumphed at Cable Street

This week, we remember one of the proudest British moments of the last century. On 4th October, 1936, about 20,000 people gathered in an act of defiant unity at Cable Street in East London, to prevent the police from allowing fascists to march through the big city. The demonstration was comprised of Jewish communities and… Read more

Strengthening Faith Institutions

Stronger and active communities are a vital part of a well-integrated and cohesive nation. Like many local institutions, it’s a priority for faith institutions to strengthen community cohesion in our country, improve integration between people from different backgrounds, and share public services, neighbourhoods, and social networks. Faith institutions have a unique role in building community… Read more

Imams in the Vatican – an Interfaith Awakening

Students from the Cambridge Muslim College preparing to be the next generation of British Muslim leaders, have marked the end of their studies by visiting one of the most famous churches in the world: St Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican. Getting to know deeply religious people who were not Muslim was a new experience for… Read more

Daesh insults all Muslims by desecrating Eid al-Adha 

Eid al-Adha is the most holy festival celebrated by Muslims and a time of rejoicing for families all over the world. Yet once more, Daesh has shown its contempt for millions of Muslims by turning Eid al-Adha into another excuse for grotesque murder. This is the time of the year when we remember the moment… Read more

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