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Jewish-Muslim Unity

There’s little science behind an image going viral. The reason companies and brands spend so much time and so many resources on the subject is because there’s no set formula for success. What succeeds one day, fails another. And yet, despite the random nature of online eminence, there are patterns that emerge. Over the past… Read more


Strengthen your organisation

Why is it worthwhile to run a Health-Check Scheme for your faith institution? Our organisational Health-Check is a self-assessment tool designed to help faith institutions to understand their strengths and weaknesses. The Scheme has two parts: Bespoke Health Check Scheme Local faith based expert facilitators engage with the senior management of your place of worship… Read more


Improving Governance

Good governance is about the best process for making effective decisions. It is the core criterion for this health check and is fundamental to the integrity of a functional institution. When examining good governance in your institution, you should take into account a number of elements: Governing documents Good governance means that decisions are consistent… Read more


Anti-Muslim Hatred Working Group

The independent members of the government’s cross departmental Working Group on Anti-Muslim Hatred (AMHWG), recently wrote to Secretary of State to the Department of Communities and Local Government, Sajid Javid MP, to raise concerns of Muslim communities in the UK following the Executive Order by US President Trump to ban refugees and immigrants from seven Muslim… Read more


Registering, Managing, and Accessing Funding

Good governance is an integral part of any faith institution. On Thursday 9th February 2017, Strengthening Faith Institutions and the Charity Commission teamed up to deliver a seminar on how to: Register as a charity; provide effective charity management; and how to access mainstream funding. Members from the local community and trustees of a Gurdwara in Barking attended… Read more

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