About Us

What we do

The Faiths Forum for London empowers religious communities to work together towards a better London.

The Forum operates to:

Provide a platform and channel for communication between faith communities, regional authorities, business and educational institutions.

Promote mutual understanding, collaboration and good relations between faith communities and wider society.

To be a hub for research, information, debate, discussion and cross-sector engagement on issues relating to regional policy and general concerns of faith groups.

To facilitate faith community organisations in developing expertise in social policy areas, forming networks and partnerships and being able to initiate civic engagement on issues.

Offering opportunities for faith communities to share best practice on issues of common concerns.

Highlighting and celebrating and the positive contribution of religious groups.

How we work

We are governed by a Council of 29 faith leaders from nine faith traditions, who meet regularly to discuss issues facing London and the religious groups within it.

We invite leaders from public authorities, NGOs and the media to engage with us and share ideas. We proactively seek opportunities to work cohesively with such groups to further our shared goals.

We organise conferences and seminars that engage with specific issues of common interest and concern, to upskill all the faith communities in areas important to them.