in News February 15, 2017

Anti-Muslim Hatred Working Group

The independent members of the government’s cross departmental Working Group on Anti-Muslim Hatred (AMHWG), recently wrote to Secretary of State to the Department of Communities and Local Government,¬†Sajid Javid MP, to raise concerns of Muslim communities in the UK following the Executive Order by US President Trump to ban refugees and immigrants from seven Muslim majority countries. Many British Muslims are potentially affected by the ban, especially those with dual nationality.

The attack on a mosque in Quebec, which took place following the implementation of the change in US immigration policy, in which 6 people were killed, heightened fears and anxieties, amongst communities in the UK.  The independent members of the AMHWG specifically sought reassurances from Government Ministers that such a policy will not be adopted by the UK. Further, the independent members of the AMHWG requested an explanation of the clarification secured by the Foreign Secretary, on how the Executive Order will affect British Nationals and the need for this to be better communicated. A copy of Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP response is below.


in News February 15, 2017